Connect Sunday – 10

April 6, 2009 at 11:03 pm (Quiz)

Hi friends,

Just wanna make a sitter… so got this question in a min…. and its my first ever quiz question i faced in competition (dont remember when it is… may be 6 r 7 years before i guess)…. and y not i forget this question bcos i dont know the ans for it tat day….and worst is v ended up not making to finals just by one point…. this says how hard it stays in mind…..

k here is tat sitter (as of now): 


Connect it to a Personality:


pict +    at

Never the less leave ur ans as comments… Happy quizzing guys…


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Connect Sunday-9

March 29, 2009 at 12:37 am (Quiz) ()

Hi friends,

This week connect is really a tricky one… Hope one must be really aware abt the funda of this guy to find him….

Lets see who is gonna find him (Tough one as far as i known… bcos i wud never crack this)…

He is a very famous person (clue is hidden in de stills… look closer… it shud help u)…


Title     +  combination

Extra Hint: He is in title-4

So Friends, Here is tat connect for u…  give me the link between all de pictures….


Hi guys, I think only i have thought this was a tough one… Many were able to crack very much perfect….  Gr guys… 

The connect is Steve Jobs….

The movie Pirates of Silicon Valley is a film adaptaion of the real life rivalary btwn Bill Gates & Steve Jobs….

MAD Magazine ran a spoof on Jobs by Calvin and Hobbes as Calvin and Jobs and to be precise Hobbes played the character of Steve jobs…..

The hint is  Apple headquarter in 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California.

Congarts to all:


Shashi kant goel

Rabi Sankar Saha

Biraja Ashis Deo

Udaibhan singh






Nirad Inamdar



Hope u guys Njoy this one… Happy Quizzing and Happy weekend….

As usual do write ur comments and ans below….


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(a+b+c)= ? Link & find: Edition 2

March 24, 2009 at 1:20 am (Quiz)

(a+b+c)= ? Link & find: Edition 2

Hi guys,

Me free most of the time these days…. so felt that i can trouble all ur mind a bit…. so here are the questions go on….

Here you have two questions…. I guess both shud be easy… if not atleast one is a sitter…. hope u guys enjoy it….

1.  A was ranked by Forbes as the richest person in the world during the first half of 2008, with an estimated net worth of $62.0 billion and the CEO of the company B. He is also famously called the C. When A spent $9.7 million of B‘s funds on a D in 1989, he jokingly named it “The Indefensible” because of his past criticisms of such purchases by other CEOs.


2. A is an Indian who grew up in Hyderabad, started his career at Apple, Inc..  A served as director of desktop and collaboration products for B, then co-founded C., a company that pioneered the concept of digital photo sharing over the Internet and at present he is the CEO of most famous comapny D.


Thats it…. Hope u guys crack it simple… bcos both the questions are not google free… so it shud give u de desired results…..  Hope u guys enjoy quizzing…. go on happy days…. Happy quizzing…


as expected, evry1 were able to crack the first one, second one seems to be bit tougher…. but not for many…

1.A- Warren Buffett, B- Berkshire Hathaway, C- Oracle of Omaha & D-Private Jet.

2. A-Shantanu Narayen, B-Silicon Graphics, C-Pictra Inc. & D- Adobe Systems.

Congrats to all:

Confused gyani


Rabi Sankar Saha



Kuldeep jain

Apoorv Ashok Pande 





As usual mail me the ans at r leave below as comments….


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El Dorado Quiz Edition – 7

March 16, 2009 at 11:22 pm (Quiz)

El Dorado Quiz Edition – 7

Hi friends, its been a long gap for quizzing, Back after a fabulous MBA life… Lets get our grey cells trimmed now….

This week theme is one liners…. Hope ppl crack it as simple it is….


1. What is nicknamed as “The Great Lady of 43rd Street”? – New york Times

2. Duracell Battery is an arm of which company? – P&G – Gillete

3. Which car name translates as ‘people’s car? – Volkswagen

4. What name literally means ‘prosperous rice field’ in Japanese? – Akio Morito

5. How is these two guys Don n Frank related with reference to a special dish of Italy? – Pizza


So guys… Quiz is easy i guess… Updated the ans in red…

Congrats to all…..


Sandeep Manoharan – 5

Kuldeep jain – 1

Piyush Raithatha – 1

Vijay Pradeep – 4

Nirad Inamdar – 1

Chirag – 4


As usual leave ur ans as comments r mail me @


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(a+b+c)= ? Link & find…..

January 14, 2009 at 12:30 am (Quiz) (, , )

Hi friends,

Everyone would have be familiar with these type of link and connect questions… So i have a simple one to begin my new venture… 

Happy quizzing…

A is the largest buyer of Google search ads, A has bought B sports ticket reseller for $310 million, A successful ad campaign/tagline was `The Power Of All Of Us… C is the first product to be sold first by A on September 1995 for $14.83.


Hi all, I am really happy to see many ppl were able to the the ans right…

The Answers are

A- Ebay
B- StubHub
C- Broken Laser pointer

Congrats to following persons who cracked the quiz

Animesh Kashinath

shashi kant goel


Anuj Surana


Abhishek Das

Rabi Sankar Saha

ravi kiran


Jimmy Jain 




As usual leave the ans as a comment r mail me @


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Connect Sunday – 7

January 9, 2009 at 12:28 pm (Quiz) ()

Hi friends,  Here is a Connect, bit tricky…


12      +   20050903149305011 


Link both persons for a famous Company…. This is really gonna SOUND good…. (look close u have a clue)


The answer and the connect is BOSE Corporation. He is Amar Gopal Bose – Founder of Bose corporationa and Shivamani is the endorser for Bose.


Congrats to Mr.Bayleaf and Ranbir who cracked the ans perfectly.



As usual when u know the ans, leave as comment r mail me back at



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Connect Sunday – 6

December 25, 2008 at 3:42 pm (Quiz) ()

Hi friends, Here is an another intersting connect… hope evry1 finds it easy….


1       2       3       anil


Hi all,  i thought this wud be a easy 1 for many but it seems many feel it difficult….

so i have uploaded the fourth photo to make it just as easy as that….

Now Link all the four gentlemen in the photo and give the connection….



Connect is SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, latest hollywood movie featuring AR Rahman as the Music Director and movie’s director Danny Boyle (first person in the picture),  Movie is based on Live TV show “Who wants to be the Millionaire” and Chris Tarrant (third person in pic) person who hosts the program and Anil Kapoor is the lead role in the film who plays the role of Chris Tarrant….


Congrats to Karthik Narayan and Ashish Sharma….


As usual leave as a comment r write back to


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Connect Sunday – 5

December 6, 2008 at 6:40 pm (Quiz)

Both r associated for the answers…. lets play the trick…. Connect them


125px-flag_of_brazilsvg  This country top in the production of this…




125px-flag_of_italysvg This Country Created the Most favorite Drink…..


What am i talking about….?

Get me both…



Brazil is the top producer of Coffee 


Italy is famous for producing the famous drink called Espresso.


Congrats to saswant who came almost close to the ans….


Leave as comment r

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El dorado Quiz Edition – 6

December 4, 2008 at 5:59 pm (Quiz)

El Dorado Quiz Edition 6: 

 Hi friends… hope this is a easy get away….. happy quizzing….


1. Which invention is pioneered by LG in India…? 

 Ans: TV Menu in Hindi

2. Link with a Brand….“ Innovators by tradition” + Deepika Padukone…?
Ans: Tissot
3. What technology was invented as Dynatech by Mr Martin Cooper…?
Ans: Cellphone
4. What was the original flavour of the kit-kat chocolate..?
Ans: Orange
5. Godrej and Oympia are only two manufacturers left in this world to produce this product…?
Ans: Typewriters

Congrats to all the winners

Asish Lath – 4
Krishna Kumar – 3
Lohit -4 
Savvy – 5 (perfect)
Nadhish – 3
Tushar – 4
Sivaraman – 4
Abhishek Das – 4
 Thanks Sree for ur appreciation and comment…

As usual u can leave de answers as comments r mail me back to

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Connect Sunday – 4

November 30, 2008 at 7:34 pm (Quiz)

Hi friends, here is an interesting connect…. find whats de link between two picture…


240px-sholes         _hamtypw


Ans: Christopher Sholes person who invented the Typewriters


Congarts to Aruna and Savvy for getting it right…

Ashish lath got close but missed the person….


When u have an ans, just leave me a comment r back to

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