DMS-SOM – A place for MBA’s….?

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Hi guys,

I was just googling arud with the key word, DMS-SOM, interesting found, many ppl who are looking to join MBA in Dms are wanting to clear their doubts.

So as an alumni of DMS-SOM pondicherry University, will try to clear off few doubts from my part…

If u go thru my blog u can find that, i am working in ITC ltd as Area Executive. i am from the batch of 2007-09.


Y u shud choose DMS-SOM:

– Good infra availability

– Good Mix of Faculty members (for ur notification, its a Govt institution, so cant expect more than the available)

– Pondicherry is a beautiful place to live for 2 years… and not to leave University, which is also equally beautiful and serene.

– Final and important point worth noting down, U can be a MBA with just 50K to 60K bucks, which must be a damn good deal.

Y Not choose DMS-SOM:

– First, if ur looking for some IIM kinda experience, just think another place.

– Placements aren’t so good for the past two years, hopefully shud improve in the years to come. (previous years we have good track records of good placements)

– No confirmation on any fancy packages at any point of time…

– No spoon feeding type of help from any one.. (as a MBA u cant expect too)

I dont find any other reasons so worrying or either impressive abt DMS-SOM, as i am amidst of work just penned down this in 10 mins time and cant think more, hopefully few seniors and my friends will also put in some word after seeing this post i guess… which shud also help few other guys looking for help…

All the best guys…. If u have some doubts feel free to drop in a comment… will get back to u asap…

Take care…


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DMS-SOM – Making of Farewell Video…

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Hi guys,

Its again a mystery how come we did this video and to gods grace, v did it again, with gr8 lot of effort than the last time and made it a memorable one for all the batch of 2007-2009 DMSians…

As all i rememeber its the first week of March, and i was having a very much tight schedule of exams for the whole week, in the middle myself, pradhep and prasanna used to chat abt making this video and what can be the concept and it can be done, many a times, it ended up in vain, bocs v couldnt concentrate much better and weren’t able to make a framework, like last time when we made video for Milan….

for Milan Video, Take this link:

First Phase:

First phase has been collection of stills from all, but not a gr8 support, since all are bugged up with exams and other works, but inspite few gave the backup of the stills, and v gathered it around for more than a week… Idea of formulating how the video shud be, was no way close as v r seperated by exam time table and i used to stay in hostel during exams and my team mates prefer staying in home. It went on as we gathered stills around these closing days with SBM cam , Prasanna’s Cam, Arun’s Handy cam and also my mobile…. 

Second Phase:

After making up the full collection, finally pradhep came out with the idea for making the credits, it looked good but was so tough, but in 2 days time v were able to that, farewell was getting so closer (12th march), but v were no way nearer to finish the video, finally started the full swing work on 11th night in prasanna’s home, i shifted my CPU to his home and started working for the whole day night, about 3 to 4 in the morning prasanna wasn’t satisfied with the way video has come out, then v searched the net for farewell video and seen few, which really helped our morale as they were very much normal and our video looked much better. finally satisfied prasanna and myself worked till 7 in de morning and left pradhep to work and we both went to sleep, woke up back by 10 in the morning, time was clicking, and we were just 50% done, then prasanna’s got some food for us from his relative house an v all very much hungry and finished the things off and continued to work till evening 7.30 and finally made the video. Then took my system back to my home and copied the video in the pen drive and rushed to farewell(it has started by 6.30 itself) and reached the dept by 8… (In the middle traffic police men wasted 10 mins for checking out license and those stuffs….)

Third Phase:

Video was played and as we expected everyone liked it, and it set the tone for farewell as many felt bad of leaving such a beautiful place. and the lines of vairamuthu came true (Kanneril thaney engal Farewell party).  since we made the video in a real hurry, it had few mistakes and needed editing again, which means, just my part was left to trim it up, after few days, myself and pradhep thought v could add the farewell sequence(last scene b4 credits) also (since it wasn’t ter in the version 1.00)…. Yep we finally worked on it and made the necessary things for it and the video is ready, we displayed it in the bus while we were on to a tour to mahabalipuram its version 1.20. 

Final Phase:

Even in the video displayed in the bus, had few errors, which was visible only to creators eyes and this time its me alone worked on it for abt another 5 to 6 hours and made it look as it is now… Which u can name it Version 1.40… and i was planning to update it for a long time but due to time constarint i wasn’t able to do it.  Finally today got some time converted the video in the flv format and uploaded in the youtube, Now i can be assured that these beautiful days cant be erased from the memories and in the world of Internet…. Thanks to google for that…. But it has asked me to split into 3 parts with 10 mins time limit. which took some time again to make it up with correcting the sequence and aligning perfectly with the time limit. All made perfectly…. Here it is for u…

First Part:

Second Part:

Third Part:


While typing this all 2 years of my college life has gone past my eyes, really THOSE WERE THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE….


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A video for my life to remember…

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ME, pradhep and Prasanna

ME, pradhep and Prasanna


Making of SOM video – A Sweet and memorable Experience…

hi frnds, this post is abt the Som video that i have created with Pradhep and Prasanna….

To start of with v had a tough time while making the video, first taking the shots have been a big a trouble, it wud have much tougher if Arun.K has not helped us with his Canon handy cam….Thanks to Arun.K for tat….. but any how with some of my frnds (Karthikeyan.P in spl) help v were able to make it up…..

Then the final work started on 5th Sept nite at 10.30 when prasanna came home, v thought it ll be over in 2 r 3 hours, so v kept on working in spite of sleep, using Soundforge, Ulead video studio editor, Photoshop, All sound recorder and many more software to make it up…..(in the middle around 2 v had a small break with biscuits and ice water (tats all left)) and when v r almost close to finish, risen our head to see the clocks it tickled 6.30 am (6th morning), and its not yet over, both myself and prasanna got dried up and dozing off in the table… by tat time pradhep came home and he took over the position, and kept on working till 8 in the morning, then i went on to sleep till 10…(in the middle i have to miss 7 calls…. i cud hear ringing but no chance of picking…)

After tat prasana came back again by 10.30, and v continued to make final corrections and made up the video finally by 3.30pm…. and then i left to college by carring it in a pen drive…
While making v never thought it wud click in the way it has….. Very well appreciated by mam, Alumni and y not by my mates too…. everything went on well….

Here is the link , u too can have a look over it….

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say u can’t do…


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