(a+b+c)= ? Link & find…..

January 14, 2009 at 12:30 am (Quiz) (, , )

Hi friends,

Everyone would have be familiar with these type of link and connect questions… So i have a simple one to begin my new venture… 

Happy quizzing…

A is the largest buyer of Google search ads, A has bought B sports ticket reseller for $310 million, A successful ad campaign/tagline was `The Power Of All Of Us… C is the first product to be sold first by A on September 1995 for $14.83.


Hi all, I am really happy to see many ppl were able to the the ans right…

The Answers are

A- Ebay
B- StubHub
C- Broken Laser pointer

Congrats to following persons who cracked the quiz

Animesh Kashinath

shashi kant goel


Anuj Surana


Abhishek Das

Rabi Sankar Saha

ravi kiran


Jimmy Jain 




As usual leave the ans as a comment r mail me @ smram86@gmail.com




  1. Animesh Kashinath said,

    A- Ebay
    B- StubHub
    C- Broken Laser pointer


  2. shashi kant goel said,

    A- Ebay
    B- Stubhub
    C- laser pointer

  3. ANUP KUMAR said,

    B stubhub
    C-broken laser printer

  4. ANUP KUMAR said,

    C-broken laser printer

  5. Anuj Surana said,

    EBay (A) acquired StubHub (B), a sports ticket reseller. EBay’s first product sold was a broken laser printer

  6. deepanshu said,

    A- ebay
    B- Stubhub
    C-broken laser printer

  7. Abhishek Das said,

    A- Ebay, B- StubHub, C- broken laser pointers

  8. Rabi Sankar Saha said,

    C- Broken Laser Pointer.

  9. ravi kiran said,


  10. arun said,

    ebay is the company

  11. Jimmy Jain said,

    A: ebay
    B: StubHub
    C: Broken laser printer

  12. menaka said,

    A – eBay
    B – Stubhub
    C – pointer

  13. sundar said,

    Hey its e-bay, and the first product is broken laser pointer and the acquired company is Stub-hub

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