Connect Sunday – 4

November 30, 2008 at 7:34 pm (Quiz)

Hi friends, here is an interesting connect…. find whats de link between two picture…


240px-sholes         _hamtypw


Ans: Christopher Sholes person who invented the Typewriters


Congarts to Aruna and Savvy for getting it right…

Ashish lath got close but missed the person….


When u have an ans, just leave me a comment r back to



  1. Ashish Lath said,

    Connect: Godrej

    1) Ardeshir Godrej
    2) Godrej is one of the only 2 typewriter manufactures of india

  2. aruna said,

    i think the perosn is johannes gutenberg-inventor of printing press

  3. aruna said,

    im sorry-it is christopher latham sholes-inventor of 1st type writer

  4. Sandip & Jaya Mukherjee said,

    Christopher Sholes & Hammond Multiplex – typewriter QWERTY keyboard

  5. savvy said,

    (1) Christopher Sholes who invented (2) the typewriter

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