Ad Review:- Cadbury’s Shubh Aarambh

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Hi Guys,

Almost after a year, coming back to reviewing ads, I am sure many would have forgotten the criteria of analysis. For them Check this link before u go thru the following.

Last time it was for a Soft drink and this time even more sweeter, its Cadburys Dairy Milk’s New Ad, “SHUBH AARAMBH”.

dairymilk shubharambj

Cadbury’s has always been a very strong brand in the chocolate segment, with their innovative and creative ad campaign’s they strengthen their base every time, this time they have come out with Shubh Aarambh, lets c how this milks out for Dairy Milk.

Lets Get into Analysis:

Cadburys New Dairy Milk Ad

Brand: Cadburys Dairy Milk.

Agency: Ogilvy India.

1. Relevance: (***1/2)

Coming to the basic ideology and brand positioning tactics of Cadbury’s, just to say Sweetness = Celebration = Happy = Enjoyment. Ad seems to be almost relevant to the product it want to associate with.

2. Acceptance: (****1/2)

Looking at the acceptance level, Its almost perfect…. We Shouldn’t have any doubt in it, As being in the nation, where ppl share happiness with sweets, sweet has been a symbol of joy.  So its obvious starting any new thing, say venture r what, ppl tend to share sweets. Here its depicted well, so its scores max in acceptance level.

3. Creativeness: (**1/2)

While looking at the creativeness, Nothing much to portray in the creative aspects, even to say, the concept of trying to impress a girl was used for a decade time now. Its scores low in this aspect.

4. Nonsense: (****)

Without any doubt Ad has enuf Nonsense in it, Which surely get the WOM running, First u dont get to see such a beautiful bus stop in and arud seashore, then a girl eating Dairy Milk over there, finally a boy whom she has nvr seen approaches and asks for a bite, i really surprised some1 wud give a share, even after the reason. (Hope i cud find sum1… 🙂 )  But to add up, all these Nonsense looks cool and cute, which really makes u ignore the fact.

5. Remembrance: (***)

Remembrance is the fact still i am not convinced, we have seen hell lot of cute ads but how much it affect us in the buying behaviour, Seriously for this ad, it just helps u in making its brand name strong, rather not influencing the direct buying. And i would guess that’s what Cadburys would also be wanting.

Overall Rating: (****)

Without Doubt Cadburys has struck the chords right again in right festive season time, Now its all about how well they construct it and go for the Kill.

Find the review interesting….? Whatever it may be, Let me know it… Put in ur valuable words.


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Welcome Ranbir & Bye Bye Hrithik

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Hi guys,

Another latest move by ITC is switching the brand ambassadors…

It took Yuvi and Soha Ali Khan for Education and Stationery Business.


While coming to Lifestyle retailing, Its Hrithik roshan for us over the years, recently he was taken off… Which left many puzzled who will be the next chosen one for John Players.



Finally its Out, and its Ranbir Kapoor who will be the Chosen one. He will fit in the shoes of Hrithik Roshan, No change in the character attributes displayed by Hrithik. Same play it cool style will be portrayed for Ranbir too… Very soon we shall see him the screens…

To read more and to hear from the CEO of lifestyle retailing Mr. Atul Chand.

Click here


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1411 – Number to be Preserved…

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Hi guys,

After 9/11 another number to be scared of is 1411…. Yep… Indeed its the total no.of tigers present in India as of now….

Tiger – the National animal of India is getting wiped out soon from the earth… Will u stay still letting it happen….?

save our tige

Thanks to Aircel, for making a move to create a awareness campaign to save the National animal…


From around 40,000 at the turn of the last century, there are just 1411 tigers left in India.

If we don’t act now, we could lose this part of our heritage forever.

Speak up, blog, share the concern, stay informed… Every little bit helps.

Aircel has partnered with WWF-India to help save our tigers. Explore the site to know how you can help.

I help with my blog to speak, hope u ll do the same…. Let the pride of India stay alive for the future too…

Few links to note for….

Project Tiger (Govt. of India)
Save Our Tiger on Youtube
Save Our Tigers on Facebook
Save Our Tigers on Twitter



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AD Review – 1: Miranda Asin Ad

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Hi folks, 

Her is my first ever review in blog, to start off the things with a cool soft drinks ad. hope i continue to review more abt ads.

Miranda, a subsidiary of Pepsi Co, comes out with this new ad, featuring Asin as their brand ambassador; Ad doesn’t need any explanation as the fun factor is concentrated.

Mainly targeting the Id factor (Sigmund Freud’s theory), influencing the want factor in the person’s mind. 

Coming to analysis:

1. Relevance: (**1/2)

Checking how relevant is the ad to the soft drinks, not really so close, as we say we can’t expect the pure relevance here too…

2. Acceptance: (***1/2)

Looking at the acceptance level, it’s pretty fairly high, simple concept and not too much fuss on what they wish to convey. Among the industry and on the public side it gains a fair acceptance level.

3. Creativeness: (***)

While looking at the freshness of the ad, quite interesting and fresh concept, (in Tamil u say Kalaikurathu), Even then u have a feeling that this concept is bit familiar already. So doesn’t score much.

4. Nonsense: (***)

Ad  is a pure fictional one, so it has enough nonsense factors to note, a pathetic groom and groom’s father remains top of it and to call it more than nonsense, it’s Fun…

5. Remembrance: (**)

Ad isn’t too catchy that it stays in mind for long time; just it is as passing cloud in the ad sky. Doesn’t make a real impression in the people’s mind or either in the minds of youth who is the main target base for Soft drinks.

Overall Rating: (***)

Cool refreshing ad which fails to make impression may look like an oxymoron, but that’s how the ad world revolves. 

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AD Reviews… TVC’s only…

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Hi guys,

Ad reviewing is one my favorite one, which i haven’t introdued in the blog world, finally i got time to do that. Being one of the Marketing student, one things which always fanatazied me is advertisements, just to see, what are the ways the advertiser finds to reach to the consumer. Man its amazing these days, with sharp and creative minds battling out. (Best examples Airtel Vs Vodafone).

Now, coming to the point, on this Ad-review. I will be reviewing ads based on the following 5 parameters:

1. Relevance: How relevant is the advertisement to the product that it is trying to sell?

2. Acceptance: How well accepted/understood is the ad in the Indian context? This because there are several global firms that use their international ads in India without much of a context change. So, is the ad accepted?

3. CreativenessHow fresh and creative is the ad? Is it a use of the same old boring concepts that were always used to market that category of product, or is it something totally new?

4. Nonsense: Does the ad have a lot of nonsense in it? And does the nonsense in the ad make any sense after all? Remember ad with lots of nonsense also make sense, because it helps to spread a WOM, about the craziness in it.

5. Remembrance: Do the audience watching the ad remember it when they go to buy a product? Or rather, will the audience buy a product based on this ad?

Based on these factors, and a lot of coherent rambling as always, I will be reviewing a lot of ads in the coming days. So watch this space, and do comment to tell me which ad goes under the scanner next, along with your views on the ads reviewed.

Watch this space for more….

All these factor will be rated to 5 point scale, 5 being the maximum and 1 being the minimum.


All these analysis, are purely based on my point of views. 


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NDTV Advertisements of 2008…

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Hi Friends,

In NDTV’s Program called ALL ABOUT ADS, they have listed down the best ads of 2008… So, for those who missed the program, i have formulated the list with videos that won millions of hearts in 2008.


10. Havell’s Cables: [Agency: LOWE]

Beautiful ad, which i really loved a lot, i think it deserves better than no.10… Nice Theme to describe the idea, “Wire that doesn’t catches Fire”


9.  Limca: [Agency: O&M]

Typical Picturisation for a Cool drinks ad designed by O&M, Linking Water = freshness, chillness and whatever u think… Excellent background score and nice graphics work, which no one can neglect…


8.  Cadbury’s Dairy Milk: [Agency: O&M]

Another  ad by O&M, nice idea to convey the message, Irony is that ad say India loses the match (which i don’t prefer hearing every time) but from the time ad has come out India hasn’t lost any match in cricket as far as i known…. 



7. Tata Sky DTH: [Agency: Rediffusion]

Ad did by Aamir’s acting performance, Again a nice concept conceived and executed well…



6.  Max Newyork Life Insurance: [Agency: Euro RSCG]

Cutest ad in the list, really i don’t know how much pain they would have gone through to make out the beautiful reaction from the child’s face. Excellent way to convey the message… 



5. Pepsi – IPL – MS Dhoni: [Agency: JWT]

Another ad in the Pepsi arena to click this year and credit goes to JWT to making it happen,  getting in the right time with IPL action and update with Dhoni’s shift to Chennai…. Nice creative ad….



4. Idea: [Agency – LOWE]

Wow, What an ad, That was my first reaction when seen this ad for the first time, Excellent concept, Excellent picturisation and beautiful acting by Jr.Bachan to make it a must watch.



3. Airtel DTH: [Agency: Rediffusion]

This time its JWT to make an impact…..Second DTH ad to feature in the top ten list, Airtel was very much conscious to create a hype by providing a short note saying “Bring home the magic” a month ago before the launch of Airtel DTH, then they made it perfect, when its launched, their idea is to make  simple ppl feel so proud of what they are having, In simple Onida’s Punch line “Owner’s pride and Neighbour’s Envy”



2. IDBI: [Agency: O&M]

O&M again to occupy the place, Banking for all, Punchline was kept in mind and nice concept and executed well… and again nice execution of the theme they want to explain, and they succeed in doing it…



1. Vodafone: [Agency: O&M]

Who else to expect in the top when u have O&M to give this cutest ever ad i have ever seen….. What an ad man, just taken away hearts of million may be even a billion.. O&M guys Rock… Nothing more i need to say about ad because everyone knows about it…



Best Advertiser of Year 2008:


The best advertiser of the year 2008 went to Airtel for making out best ads in 2008… How many ads to name, mCheck ads featuring the Madhavan and Vidya Balan pair, then on Std, Roaming, Delhi Marathon, and many more… Just an example is here below…



Best Advertisement Agency of Year 2008:


The Award went to none other than Ogilvy & Mather (O&M) for making the best ads in 2008… Few things that made most for O&M are Mentos, Sprite, Moto Yuva, Vodafone, IDBI and Limca in spl…



Best Production House of Year 2008:


Best production was bagged by Nirvana Production house, for making out successful ads for Virgin mobiles, (surprised couldn’t find anyone in top 10) Nokia, Motorola and Vodafone…



Hope u all have enjoyed the article and got and some insights, if u have anything to say just leave a comment…. ur always welcome…


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AD WAR between Complan VS Horlicks:


Hi friends,

                I hope all of us r keeping a watch on what’s going on in the market… I was really surprised to see both big names in the health drink market dash each other directly.

               Here is de video of the ad found in youtube,


Ad goes this way,

The spot goes on with the Complan boy saying, my health drink has 23 nutrients, how much does yours have? To which the Horlicks boy’s answer is 23 nutrients and also something (eludes me, at the moment).

The Complan boy goes on to say, Mine makes me Taller’ with the show of measuring up the height on one’s shoulder at the Complan ads, the Horlicks boy replies, mine makes me Taller, Stronger & Sharper’.

The Complan boy then says, mine costs Rs.170 and the Horlicks boy replies, mine costs only Rs.131. The Complan boy then jubilantly says, Mummy, In this case we are higher right with the Mother making a grimace of I’ve-been-had kind of look.

The Ad ends with a couple of people carrying a Horlicks billboard with the 3 tenets of Taller, Stronger & Shraper clearly written in the background.


 In Marketing terms we call it as Comparative advertising. (Thanks to ad war I touch some book to know this)… but it doesn’t really state that u can directly target the competitor and degrade his brand.

Let’s take an overview:

What is Comparative advertising?

1. Comparative advertising is a form of advertising in which two or more named or recognizable brands of the same product class/category are compared and the comparison is made in terms of one or more product attributes.


2. The comparisons can be:-

a. implicit (brands implied but not named), or explicit (brands named);

b. the comparisons can be vocal or visual;

c. and the claims can be of complete advantage, of supremacy on some attributes but not on others, or of parity;

d. And the advertised brand can have a market share smaller than, roughly equal to, or greater than the comparison brand.

(Add on info: The market share of Horlicks is 60% and complain is at 15%)

In the ad (sry cudnt find any video link for the viewer who didn’t have a chance to watch the video in TV), v all cud clearly see both Horlicks and Complan take out each other.  And at this point v cant make out any suggestions..  All is to wait for the reaction of the consumers to ad…


My take wud be negative:

When Horlicks says Complan is bad the consumer may think.. why is Horlicks saying this? Aren’t they equally bad as well?

In Psychology, Psychologists call it as Spontaneous Trait Transference ….

But who cares ?


The Advertisement war is on…. Every time a New ERA has to be written….




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Crazy Ads

December 25, 2008 at 3:33 pm (Advertisement) ()

Crazy Advertisements….


Hi friends, One of my fav pastime and passion is looking over ads… From now I ll make myself time to write abt  some of my fav ads too…


1.       Google Vs Pranayama


Nice way to think and keeping updated to the trend…. 


2.       Air War



Ad fight over the hoarding….  Hope every1 gets their turn to attract the consumer…. I am impressed….



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