Connect Sunday – 7

January 9, 2009 at 12:28 pm (Quiz) ()

Hi friends,  Here is a Connect, bit tricky…


12      +   20050903149305011 


Link both persons for a famous Company…. This is really gonna SOUND good…. (look close u have a clue)


The answer and the connect is BOSE Corporation. He is Amar Gopal Bose – Founder of Bose corporationa and Shivamani is the endorser for Bose.


Congrats to Mr.Bayleaf and Ranbir who cracked the ans perfectly.



As usual when u know the ans, leave as comment r mail me back at





  1. Mr.Bay Leaf said,

    amar gopal bose and siva mani,BOSE

  2. ganesh said,

    is it Saregama??

  3. Ranabir said,

    Bose corp

  4. UBS said,

    the person in 2nd pic is A Shivamani
    the 1st person is a complete stranger to me..

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