Rams is here… :-)

Hi Guys,

This is Ram in simple with simple and a cool attitude,

Lucky BCA and a MBA by chance from Pondicherry University, Specialized in Marketing and Systems and Now as an Area executive in one of the biggest Indian FMCG Player ITC Ltd.,

My fav pass-time, listening to songs, watching movies (hell lot, No language barrier as u can always download subtitles 🙂 ), googling and cant leave out Blogging, if not what am i doing here….

Fan of  Thalaivar (One and Only SuperStar), Dravid, Sachin, Charles Babbage, Martin Cooper, John Logie Baird (if last three aren’t there then i could have done something useful, but without them i can’t dream a life)…

will update more as i get to know… if u know anything abt me, more than me…. then ur always welcome pen more….



  1. subhankar said,

    carry on the good job

  2. kunal borikar said,

    hi, ram
    this is kunal from 1st year
    i like this blog u started..
    its really worth for us to being connected with you and
    thank oyu very much for this…..

  3. Ajay said,

    Hmmm This is 1st time m visitin ur blog … i like rams4u. its so catchey.

    surge ahead with time n be a true netizen……


  4. Biplab said,

    I have got a GD.PI call for your college
    And i want to know more about it
    but there are no info available regarding placements,
    Plz help!

  5. Rams said,

    Hi Bipla,

    Reg placements i cant say much, hope u have gone thru my post DMS-SOM – A Place for MBA…? it shud clear u….

  6. Vinayak said,

    Hi ram…Can I share your day to day blogs update on a T20 cricket fans website?

  7. Rams said,

    Ya Vinayak, You can go ahead and do so in the website u want…

    All i would like is a little bit of credit to me and my blog page wherever u share… 🙂

  8. Vinayak said,

    Surely…the credit is always there for you…also send a pic of yours pls….Cheers

  9. Rams said,

    Thanks Buddy… Have mailed the profile pic as requested… 🙂

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