DMS-SOM – A place for MBA’s….?

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Hi guys,

I was just googling arud with the key word, DMS-SOM, interesting found, many ppl who are looking to join MBA in Dms are wanting to clear their doubts.

So as an alumni of DMS-SOM pondicherry University, will try to clear off few doubts from my part…

If u go thru my blog u can find that, i am working in ITC ltd as Area Executive. i am from the batch of 2007-09.


Y u shud choose DMS-SOM:

– Good infra availability

– Good Mix of Faculty members (for ur notification, its a Govt institution, so cant expect more than the available)

– Pondicherry is a beautiful place to live for 2 years… and not to leave University, which is also equally beautiful and serene.

– Final and important point worth noting down, U can be a MBA with just 50K to 60K bucks, which must be a damn good deal.

Y Not choose DMS-SOM:

– First, if ur looking for some IIM kinda experience, just think another place.

– Placements aren’t so good for the past two years, hopefully shud improve in the years to come. (previous years we have good track records of good placements)

– No confirmation on any fancy packages at any point of time…

– No spoon feeding type of help from any one.. (as a MBA u cant expect too)

I dont find any other reasons so worrying or either impressive abt DMS-SOM, as i am amidst of work just penned down this in 10 mins time and cant think more, hopefully few seniors and my friends will also put in some word after seeing this post i guess… which shud also help few other guys looking for help…

All the best guys…. If u have some doubts feel free to drop in a comment… will get back to u asap…

Take care…


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