A video for my life to remember…

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ME, pradhep and Prasanna

ME, pradhep and Prasanna


Making of SOM video – A Sweet and memorable Experience…

hi frnds, this post is abt the Som video that i have created with Pradhep and Prasanna….

To start of with v had a tough time while making the video, first taking the shots have been a big a trouble, it wud have much tougher if Arun.K has not helped us with his Canon handy cam….Thanks to Arun.K for tat….. but any how with some of my frnds (Karthikeyan.P in spl) help v were able to make it up…..

Then the final work started on 5th Sept nite at 10.30 when prasanna came home, v thought it ll be over in 2 r 3 hours, so v kept on working in spite of sleep, using Soundforge, Ulead video studio editor, Photoshop, All sound recorder and many more software to make it up…..(in the middle around 2 v had a small break with biscuits and ice water (tats all left)) and when v r almost close to finish, risen our head to see the clocks it tickled 6.30 am (6th morning), and its not yet over, both myself and prasanna got dried up and dozing off in the table… by tat time pradhep came home and he took over the position, and kept on working till 8 in the morning, then i went on to sleep till 10…(in the middle i have to miss 7 calls…. i cud hear ringing but no chance of picking…)

After tat prasana came back again by 10.30, and v continued to make final corrections and made up the video finally by 3.30pm…. and then i left to college by carring it in a pen drive…
While making v never thought it wud click in the way it has….. Very well appreciated by mam, Alumni and y not by my mates too…. everything went on well….

Here is the link , u too can have a look over it….

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say u can’t do…


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