Ad Review:- Cadbury’s Shubh Aarambh

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Hi Guys,

Almost after a year, coming back to reviewing ads, I am sure many would have forgotten the criteria of analysis. For them Check this link before u go thru the following.

Last time it was for a Soft drink and this time even more sweeter, its Cadburys Dairy Milk’s New Ad, “SHUBH AARAMBH”.

dairymilk shubharambj

Cadbury’s has always been a very strong brand in the chocolate segment, with their innovative and creative ad campaign’s they strengthen their base every time, this time they have come out with Shubh Aarambh, lets c how this milks out for Dairy Milk.

Lets Get into Analysis:

Cadburys New Dairy Milk Ad

Brand: Cadburys Dairy Milk.

Agency: Ogilvy India.

1. Relevance: (***1/2)

Coming to the basic ideology and brand positioning tactics of Cadbury’s, just to say Sweetness = Celebration = Happy = Enjoyment. Ad seems to be almost relevant to the product it want to associate with.

2. Acceptance: (****1/2)

Looking at the acceptance level, Its almost perfect…. We Shouldn’t have any doubt in it, As being in the nation, where ppl share happiness with sweets, sweet has been a symbol of joy.  So its obvious starting any new thing, say venture r what, ppl tend to share sweets. Here its depicted well, so its scores max in acceptance level.

3. Creativeness: (**1/2)

While looking at the creativeness, Nothing much to portray in the creative aspects, even to say, the concept of trying to impress a girl was used for a decade time now. Its scores low in this aspect.

4. Nonsense: (****)

Without any doubt Ad has enuf Nonsense in it, Which surely get the WOM running, First u dont get to see such a beautiful bus stop in and arud seashore, then a girl eating Dairy Milk over there, finally a boy whom she has nvr seen approaches and asks for a bite, i really surprised some1 wud give a share, even after the reason. (Hope i cud find sum1… 🙂 )  But to add up, all these Nonsense looks cool and cute, which really makes u ignore the fact.

5. Remembrance: (***)

Remembrance is the fact still i am not convinced, we have seen hell lot of cute ads but how much it affect us in the buying behaviour, Seriously for this ad, it just helps u in making its brand name strong, rather not influencing the direct buying. And i would guess that’s what Cadburys would also be wanting.

Overall Rating: (****)

Without Doubt Cadburys has struck the chords right again in right festive season time, Now its all about how well they construct it and go for the Kill.

Find the review interesting….? Whatever it may be, Let me know it… Put in ur valuable words.



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