BOSS (en) Baskaran – Laugh your heart out…

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Hi guys,

Its been a while in blogging world… Again to put the blame on de work pressure, However here i am back to review a movie… This time its Siva Manasula Sakthi fame Director Rajesh’s Boss (en) Baskaran.


Nothing much to know how i got into de movie, late night thought, checked for available ticket in net, its there and We are in the theatre with reserved tickets today morning by 11.30. Best thing was i went to this movie without any reviews or one line comments from friends(which generally spoils the thrill), after all its just a day after the release.

Movie Review:  Boss (en) Baskaran

         Just like an action movie, movie starts with Arya chasing someone with a sickle, and movie flashes back to get to know what’s going on…  Movie wows around Kumbakonam this time, Baskaran alias Boss(Arya) is a go happy youth who is still have troubling in clearing his arrear in English, Saravanan (Subbu Panchu, son of veteran producer Panchu Arunachalam) is the brother of Baskaran, who is a vet doctor working in Tanjore and longing to get married. That when enters Nanthini (Friends fame Vijayalakshmi) to marry Saravanan. So now u have the heroine Chandrika (Nayanthara) who is also the sister of Vijayalakshmi. Chandrika a lecture in training who meets Baskaran while trying to copy in his arrear exam. Well, am i missing the comedian or to say the Second hero, Yep i am talking abt Nallathambi (Santhanam), who runs the salon and a friend of Baskaran.

That sums up the intro of the cast, now do u wanna know the story,

Just like the Tamil flick, Hero falls to lady in the very first sight and starts following her, trying to win her love, and after few hiccups very much obvious she falls, now u need a Villain, another same old formula No job, failed marriage proposal(Vela vetti illathavanuku yaaruda ponnu kudupa…?) Angry Hero takes a vow to earn money in six months and get his sister married before his winning back his love.

Story may seems like old and seen humpty number of times in tamil, but i bet u guys, u ll never ever would have experienced the same scenes before.. Rib tickling one liners rock u out of the seats right from the scene one. The best part is in climax, u have guest appearance of Jeeva, who does his job as said by the director. (u ll know why did i say this when u watch de movie)

I just don’t  wanna narrate the storyline as happens in the movie bcos u gotta enjoy it in de movie, and i am sure u ll love it till de end…

Arya, after a romantic Madaraspattinam, proves his mettle in comedy too, he has adapted to the callous youth character just like that ad few scenes even looks like just seeing u in de screen. A notable effort from the growing actor, who continues to promise a lot in the future.

Nayanthara as Chandrika, does her job to perfection and not a glam doll this time, just in saree and looks cool through the movie. but i gotta say that may be the over dose of nayanthara got to us, and u may be bored at sometimes. Nevertheless, good show from her too.

Cant miss out Santhanam, certainly the breakthru movie of his career, just like Winner for Vadivelu i could say so. He is there through out movie with Arya and not even in a single scene he fails to make u LOL….  The best part, we dont have to hear many double meaning jokes, which is termed as comedy these days. Esp One liners like, Nanbane Da, Experiencevan Sonna kelu, and many more… Without doubt Santhanam is the second hero of the movie …

Apart from the lead, Subbu panchu as brother of Arya done a fair bit of justice to his role, and not to leave out rest too, its a perfect cast on a perfect film.

Cant close this without mentioning the captain of the ship. Rajesh, the director of the movie, he just picked up from the lines he left from SMS, and continue to don his role leaving from the commercial masala directors and giving a film of different genres but still commercial ones. Bcos u cant always see a hero beating villain and his 20 gundas in no time and walking with just a scare in his head. Camera, Crew, Concept all looks very much refreshing… Hats off to Rajesh for continuing with his genre of commercial flick.

Did i Miss Yuvan to mention…? If if did so, Yes, tats the way it pans out for him in the movie, may be he was played down by the rest, still then u wud expect him a better effort, after the opening line in the first song, and Yar indha pen are hummable, rest r just hurdles in the movie.

Movie Verdict:
A Very Impressive movie, to be watched in theatres without doubt. If u feel depressed just get in and laugh your hearts out. Certainly it helps….

Hope u guys ll have something to share too, looking fwd to share more..



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GOA – Vacation enjoyed in parts…

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Hi guys,


Another Venkat prabhu’s Movie produced by Ocher Studios Soundarya Rajinikanth, which kept the audience to wait  is finally its out today…..

Another movie for me away from Pondicherry,this time, its Thirupathur Sri Meenakshi theatre was the chosen one… Night show and not a big crowd was a very big plus point and we (myself, prasanna and swami) joined the rest of them to watch the movie….

GOA – Movie Review:

Three Aimless guys (Premji, Jai and Raghav) tries to escape from their village and wishes to live a free life, but who are denied the same. For the first 30 mins, u get the feeling, ur into a film of periods, which funnily portraits the melodramatic happenings in the period films…

Finally 3 make a way out to Madurai, where they see Jai’s friend getting married to a foreign girl whom he met in Goa,which woes all three to get a aim for aimless guys, such that, they will go to Goa and marry a foreign girl and move along with her.

All three makes to Goa, with the help from locallite Aravind(Jack) along with Sampath (Danny), three keeps their goal ahead and move on, Premji, Jai and Raghav gets their pair Miranda, Aegan girl and Sneha respectively with the series of events happening around them.

Movie is bundled package showing how hero’s get their respective pairs and what happens in the end is what Goa have in the theatre for u….

Things which slow down the movie are mainly four things,

1. Portrayal of Gay type relationship in the movie,

2. Film in whole misses a common point, just goes aimlessly without any ray to hold on, just jumps like flubber from one scene to another, from one character to another and so on. Plus no strong links have been established for any bonding for the couples. (u can’t expect in a movie of this type… yet again)

3. A serious breakdown was Song, which could have been much better, even though visuals looks cool to eyes, Songs seriously doesn’t catch up the mind, rather its been a disturbing element / speed breaker’s in the movie.

4. Characterization and  very less utilization of the heroines, U dont see any of the three heroines more than 3 to 4 mins in the screen in action. (may be song is an exception then)

But things which u ll enjoy in the movie are, Premji Amaran performance with Kangal Irandal BGM and many more in the follow ups and not to forget the awesome stunt performance by him, then damn sure timing comedy has clicked again for the Venkat’s team. Hats off for that… 🙂

In the end Audience get a pleasant shock by seeing Nayanthara and Simbu in guest appearance and Simbu’s link with Manmadhan film was excellent piece of work.

GOA is a happy and bumpy ride to enjoy if ur free with 3 hours of 100% free time… if not then think again just only for a min….

Venkat Prabhu’s vacation could have been bit more fun and entertaining….


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