Aadukalam– A Victory Battle…

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Hi Guys,

Its again a movie review for me to come into blogging world and i am happy atleast these movie review keep me alive in the blogging world…


Its Pongal festival, all expectations fell on kollywood, looking for big releases, and it didn’t disappoint much as four films took the battle, Vijay’s Kavalan, Karthi’s Siruthai, Kalaingar’s Illaingan and finally Dhanush’s Aadukalam…

After few probs Kavalan hit the screens a day delayed… Finally a different genre of Vijay movie, which will please his fans and the rest too, who r so bored of his demi god projections…  Siruthai, a film remade from telugu movie, Vikramakudu wasn’t much to the hype, i think it ll the time for Karthi to swallow the bitter pills too… No idea or comments on the third and i am coming to the movie abt to review…

Aadukalam – Movie Review:

Pettaikaran(Jayabalan) is a king of Rooster fights in the area’s in and around Madurai, Karuppu(Dhanush), Dhorai(Kishore) and few others work along with him to learn the trick of trade and out past each other. As in all Tamil films, on a strange occasion, Karuppu meets Irene (Tapsee) an Anglo-Indian girl and what else u expect me to say other than falls in love at the very first sight, love sequences bound around these two and two very good songs catch the beats of the audiences and keep them running. As the things go along smoothly Rathanasamy(Naren) a police officer, who is longing to win a rooster battle against his arch rival Pettaikaran, sets up events to get Pettaikaran into a cock fighting tournament, and finally both clash together with the vow that who ever loses leave Cock fighting and walk away bald and shaved. As the tournament begin, as expected Pettaikaran continues his victory run, and Rathnasamy bring in few roosters from other places to fight on his behalf, to tackle the scenario, Karuppu brings in his own rooster, without the approval or willingness of Pettikaran and finally he wins not once or twice, thrice to win a sum of 3 lakhs.

Eventhough Karuppu has won on the Behalf of Pettaikaran, he has his ego kindled as his words were not taken and a small boy has won over him, so he plans to back stab Karuppu, who still believes him to the core. By this time Karuppu becomes almost a local hero, and hailed by all, Irene’s father renders opportunity for Karuppu to open a canteen in Railway station, so in need of money Karuppu walks to Pettaikaran, to whom he has given his money to safeguard, but as a part of revenge, Pettaikaran frames as money stolen and spoils the party. And revenge action continues to build and Karupu still isn’t aware of Pettaikaran’s Betrayal. As it goes on Dorai has a rift with Karuppu, and both end up with a fight and finally coming to conclusion with putting their Rooster’s on the line to check who takes who. Things round on  Dorai on search to kill Karupu, and as Karuppu finds Pettaikaran has betrayed him, he goes for lengthy dialogue with Pettaikaran which finally makes him to kill himself… And Karuppu don’t want to disrespect his Guru(Pettaikaran), so he leaves town with Irene in a dark night…

Dhanush as an actor has certainly grown heights, Power packed performance from him in this role Karuppu, his body language, his eyes, eyebrows and to say his blue coloured lungi also does the job to the core… Just one word to say – SUPERP..

Jayabalan, a very cunning character portrayal,he just gives new definition of Villan for the these days, aged person does 100% justice to Pettaikaran, Kishore as Dorai, also does the job precisely. Tapsee Pannu, a white angel just passes through the clouds without much trouble, being the first movie, she just did good, and needs a long way to go, to say she just escaped bcos of very less dialogues. Apart from these main leads, Dhanush Mom, Friend, Naren all gel along well with the film.

Vettrimaran can be certainly proud just for taking up this subject, i am sure many would have lost tracks abt these fowl fights and rarely even seen them, Here he bring it live as a visual treat. Eventhough fowl fights are designed in graphics, u cud hardly find it as graphics. Secondly, his usage of characters and characterisation is brilliant which really put the movie one step ahead, even before he cud say claps. Thirdly Dialogues, amazing and as sharp as knife, which pears through the village core, eventhough u cud hear beeps throughout the movie, its very much understandable.

GV Prakash, this young lad grows day by day and it proves to be with evidence, Yathe Yathe and Otha Sollala are the chartbusting numbers of 2011 without any doubt. Songs looks cool on the screen too, only thing which may worry u is his BGM score, doesn’t have any problem in scoring, but all u can feel is most of it are just stolen from Godfather, eventhough it suits, cud have tried something different.

Looking to the flip side, Camera is too good, but u ll still feel, it cud have been brighter much more than just languishing in darkness,  Without doubt u ll feel the drag in the second half, which is where certainly trimming needed, plus to say u ll always get the feeling climax wasn’t so much convincing as that of Pollathavan. Apart from these u can say Vettrimaran has struck the chords very well to strike his first half of his name “VETTRI”…


Movie Verdict:

Aadukalam – Ground which takes Rooster fights to core and wins the battle with the rest of the crew to support them.. Rooster rules this Pongal without doubt… Kokarako… Winking smile

Looking fwd to your views and comments… As always…



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Man madan Ambu – 4 y u shudn’t and 5 y u shud Miss this…

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Hi Guys,

After a hectic day’s work, eventhough i was tired, just wanted to relax and i thought Manmadan Ambu will be a let off (just bcos of KS Ravikumar and Kamal Duo)… (Actually Regretted later :() So along with my office colleague joined the movie screen by 9.45pm amidst of houseful crowd…


Coming to review…

Movie starts with Guest Appearance Suriya opening with Trisha for a song, Looks cool, u just get a feeling something really good is waiting to wind up, Ambusakshi (Trisha) is an actress who is love with Madan (Madavan), Both couple get into quarrel when Madan suspects Ambu for having an affair with co actor Suriya, Quarrel ends up in an Accident in kodaikanal road. Dejected Ambu fly to paris for an holiday with her old friend Deepa (Sangeetha) and her two children.  Possessive Madan hires Mannar (Kamalhassan), a private detective to trail Ambu and give him live updates abt her affairs.  Mannar finds ambu so innocent and reports she is really on her holiday and doesn’t have any kind affair to Madan, which makes madan more comfortable and he refuses to pays the promised sum to Mannar, backtracking from his commitment to help out his cancer friend. Which leaves Mannar with no option to cheat Madan and save his friend, so he frames himself as Ambu’s lovers and continue the tale with Madan, Story woes around these Characters and few others finally Madan makes to Paris and so weird that he ends up finally with Deepa and Mannar ends with Ambu, Just bcos Ambu made the accident in kodaikanal, which killed the Mannar’s Ex french wife, and finally Couples live Happily ever After…


4 Reasons Y u shudn’t Miss this Movie:

1. U are a Ardent Kamal Fan, so just wanna see him in screens.

2. U enjoy seeing beautiful slow Melody with an awesome visual, then u have Neela Vanam killing ur heart, with Kamal piercing with his magnetic voice.

3. U like to see good cinematography in far away land and esp in a cruise ship.

4. U have 100 Bucks and 3 Hours time to spent without any reason.


5 Reasons Y u can Miss this Movie:

1. Even though movie was copied in bits and parts from There is something abt Mary, atleast it shud have been done better.

2. Poor BG and Sound recording, most of the time u miss out one liners, which u really wanna listen.

3. Worst ever casting u cud see, Except for Kamal, Trisha, Madavan and Sangeetha, No one stands out in cast, Urvashi just comes in screen to show the usage of Glycerine in movies.

4. Movie almost looked like a sequel of Mumbai Express,Again Kamal left his audience dumbstruck Just with one question “WTF happening”

5. First half will look bit dragging, Second half will prove ur wrong, bcos, it ll not drag, it ll put u down much deeper…

Overall a Disappointing effort from the Kamal & Ravikumar Duo, Expected a lot from them just bcos of Panchathantiram, Tenali ways.


Movie Verdict:

Man madan Ambu is a flick which will try to evoke laughter which will be lost on the process of yawning, May be some bits and parts entertain u in some ways… Find DVD-Rip then dont miss the Neela Vanam Song alone…

Hope u guys will have something more to share, looking fwd to it..


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Nandhalala–A Breezy Journey…

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Hi Guys,

After Boss (en) Baskaran, i wasn’t reviewing much (to say i didn’t find anything worth reviewing except Mynaa). After Mynaa, i am happy to get another back to back good movie… Bcos nowadays getting two good movies on a trot is just like waiting for a train in Bus Stand…



Well, to start off, we would have watched many road trip movies in English mostly fun oriented ones esp Road trip series and exceptional thriller Duel from Steven Spielberg… This Nandhalala is just like reading a short story, which makes u gel into each and every character that comes on the screen and takes u along their breezy journey…

Baskar Mani (Myskin) is a mentally retarded person, who is in asylum for his treatment, who is also very much angry on his mother for leaving him in asylum and not coming back to meet him. Aggi (Ashwanth Ram) who is school going kid, stays with his grand mother and hasn’t met his mother since his birth and longing for mom’s touch. These two different characters get tied down by a common word “Mother”…

Journey towards MOM starts as Baskar escapes from Asylum and Aggi lies as he is leaving to Kanyakumari on a school trip. Being a small boy, Aggi was robbed of his money in the very beginning and left stranded with a pick pocketer just when Baskar rescues and patch up with him. After few cat and mouse game between two, they start their journey towards respective mother’s place.

Amidst the journey they come across many characters(Living & Non-Living), first is a school girl, who falls down from a cycle, then a handicapped who helps them to cross the battle ground,  followed by two mother Mary’s lights (Non – Living), which takes them to safety, then an honeymoon couple who are scared by baskar mani when he encounters a gang of youngsters in a yellow car. then a tender coconut seller (beautiful portrayal of this sequence), then a Lorry driver who is angry for stealing his horn, followed with a old man with lust in mind with 2 kidnappers trying to take Snigdha, Two Military people to rescue them and few others just like 12 seconds for Nasar and faceless Rohini does the job in perfect to make this an epic.

As i go thru u must be excited enuf to see how these characters rounds up this 2 hours tale, and gives you a riveting climax, did both met their mother’s and what happens is what Nandhalala is all about.. Yep without doubt watch this movie, esp for 4 reasons.

1. Myskin for his Heartful performance and direction to revive the tamil cinema to a new genre and to gr8 heights for the future, without doubt i would say this is best so far.

2. Ashwanth Ram & Snegitha for superp performance, how many times we have seen a kid doing half the job of the film with ease, and a glam doll taking up a acting serious. Hats off for both in that cause.

3. Illayaraja, Maestro is at his best, O my goodness, BGM just mends your heart and soul and breathes the movie. After a very long time BGM has taken a role in movie just like an another character. Movie in which dialogues are at minimal, u needed Music to speak up and this movie does that.

4. Rest of the crew and cast, every single soul in the film has rendered their best to make this the best and finally Ayangaran for producing this one.

Few hitch cups can be too much of lower angles shots (may feel like bored by overdose), genre of this movie can be slow for few, and Myskin leaves u confused whether Baskar Mani is cured or still under some mental depression without an answer, apart from these i cant find much…

Movie Verdict:
A New genre of Movie to Tamil Industry which leaves a trail in the heart of viewers without doubt, Come and enjoy the breezy Journey… I am sure u ll enjoy travelling with them…

Hope u guys ll have something to share too… Go on then, I am all hears…


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BOSS (en) Baskaran – Laugh your heart out…

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Hi guys,

Its been a while in blogging world… Again to put the blame on de work pressure, However here i am back to review a movie… This time its Siva Manasula Sakthi fame Director Rajesh’s Boss (en) Baskaran.


Nothing much to know how i got into de movie, late night thought, checked for available ticket in net, its there and We are in the theatre with reserved tickets today morning by 11.30. Best thing was i went to this movie without any reviews or one line comments from friends(which generally spoils the thrill), after all its just a day after the release.

Movie Review:  Boss (en) Baskaran

         Just like an action movie, movie starts with Arya chasing someone with a sickle, and movie flashes back to get to know what’s going on…  Movie wows around Kumbakonam this time, Baskaran alias Boss(Arya) is a go happy youth who is still have troubling in clearing his arrear in English, Saravanan (Subbu Panchu, son of veteran producer Panchu Arunachalam) is the brother of Baskaran, who is a vet doctor working in Tanjore and longing to get married. That when enters Nanthini (Friends fame Vijayalakshmi) to marry Saravanan. So now u have the heroine Chandrika (Nayanthara) who is also the sister of Vijayalakshmi. Chandrika a lecture in training who meets Baskaran while trying to copy in his arrear exam. Well, am i missing the comedian or to say the Second hero, Yep i am talking abt Nallathambi (Santhanam), who runs the salon and a friend of Baskaran.

That sums up the intro of the cast, now do u wanna know the story,

Just like the Tamil flick, Hero falls to lady in the very first sight and starts following her, trying to win her love, and after few hiccups very much obvious she falls, now u need a Villain, another same old formula No job, failed marriage proposal(Vela vetti illathavanuku yaaruda ponnu kudupa…?) Angry Hero takes a vow to earn money in six months and get his sister married before his winning back his love.

Story may seems like old and seen humpty number of times in tamil, but i bet u guys, u ll never ever would have experienced the same scenes before.. Rib tickling one liners rock u out of the seats right from the scene one. The best part is in climax, u have guest appearance of Jeeva, who does his job as said by the director. (u ll know why did i say this when u watch de movie)

I just don’t  wanna narrate the storyline as happens in the movie bcos u gotta enjoy it in de movie, and i am sure u ll love it till de end…

Arya, after a romantic Madaraspattinam, proves his mettle in comedy too, he has adapted to the callous youth character just like that ad few scenes even looks like just seeing u in de screen. A notable effort from the growing actor, who continues to promise a lot in the future.

Nayanthara as Chandrika, does her job to perfection and not a glam doll this time, just in saree and looks cool through the movie. but i gotta say that may be the over dose of nayanthara got to us, and u may be bored at sometimes. Nevertheless, good show from her too.

Cant miss out Santhanam, certainly the breakthru movie of his career, just like Winner for Vadivelu i could say so. He is there through out movie with Arya and not even in a single scene he fails to make u LOL….  The best part, we dont have to hear many double meaning jokes, which is termed as comedy these days. Esp One liners like, Nanbane Da, Experiencevan Sonna kelu, and many more… Without doubt Santhanam is the second hero of the movie …

Apart from the lead, Subbu panchu as brother of Arya done a fair bit of justice to his role, and not to leave out rest too, its a perfect cast on a perfect film.

Cant close this without mentioning the captain of the ship. Rajesh, the director of the movie, he just picked up from the lines he left from SMS, and continue to don his role leaving from the commercial masala directors and giving a film of different genres but still commercial ones. Bcos u cant always see a hero beating villain and his 20 gundas in no time and walking with just a scare in his head. Camera, Crew, Concept all looks very much refreshing… Hats off to Rajesh for continuing with his genre of commercial flick.

Did i Miss Yuvan to mention…? If if did so, Yes, tats the way it pans out for him in the movie, may be he was played down by the rest, still then u wud expect him a better effort, after the opening line in the first song, and Yar indha pen are hummable, rest r just hurdles in the movie.

Movie Verdict:
A Very Impressive movie, to be watched in theatres without doubt. If u feel depressed just get in and laugh your hearts out. Certainly it helps….

Hope u guys ll have something to share too, looking fwd to share more..


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Madaraspattinam – Old Wine with refreshing taste…

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Hi Guys,

Its been quite a while i have blogged abt something rather to say anything… Seriously dont find time in my busy work schedules. (Gotta believe i am working these days…. 😦 )

Bit free r better to say bit relaxed today, so thought of blogging abt my latest movie addition Madaraspattinam.

Nothing much how i got into theatres, just a tuf day in work to shed out found a A/c Shelter tats it…


Movie Review:

       Movie starts with the glimpse of Titanic, An old british lady who is in her death bed reveals her last wish to go back to Madrasapattinam of her days. With the help of her grand daughter she makes to Singara Chennai of these days with the photo of Arya taken before 60 years. Movie folds back to 1945, which was the first time she(Amy Jackson) came to India to stay with her Governor father. On the other hand Hero Arya (Parithi) is launderer and wrestler who resides in the banks of beautiful coovam of those days. As usual needn’t much explanation screenplay circles arnd the lead roles to tie them up with Love. Eventhough i just skip it fast, this is one of the best romance u cud enjoy, without knowing eachother’s language, scenes are brilliantly made, u gotta watch it. Not to miss out beautiful melody from G.V.Prakash – Pookal Pookum Tharunam… Excellent one just mends ur heart..

As the things goes on, Few Lagaan inspired scenes come around, and u ll have wrestling instead of cricket, but these dont make impact though. Just pass around the storyline, India gets freedom in 1947, which means Amy has to leave Madras and as well Arya, which doesn’t want to, Film climaxes with what happen to them…? and giving answer to the visit of Older Amy (God, I cant find even a single piece of resemblance btw them).

Film is technically brilliant, excellent sets which brings back 1940’s tram, old central station and especially the beautiful Coovam. Nirav Shah lens work is been excellent and speaks languages and not gonna miss out G.V.Prakash, Man he is growing as the days go by, beautiful BG and throughout the film he is present live…

As ever u ll have few hiccups, this isnt an exception, and esp the one melody when Amy lip syncs for the tamil song, Come on yaar, grow up… It wud have been better if she has kept silent, we aren’t going to complain bcos most of the heroines these days dont do lip sync good, so it better u dont do it…

Nevertheless, Arya and Amy will make the day for u, Arya looks super cool in his rugged look, and Amy looks like some kind of barbie doll seen in shops. In simple wanna say, both make a cute couple…

Finishing of with a thanks to Vijay who has given a good period movie, with refreshing look and chilled love.Overall a good movie guys, find time watch it in theatres will not be disappointed much…

For me its Two back to back good movies Kalavani then Madaraspattinam, hope Tamil cinema keeps the trend going on…

Before closing, Yesterday my friend sundar gave me an info which really seemed new and cool, Being a MBA in mktg cant leave this post without mentioning it.

Madaraspattinam becomes the first film to create ads for the movie,(y haven’t many thought abt it this long time) instead of having same old trailors saying running successfully, this concept of ads are really cool.

Madaraspattinam Ad

Check out the video in youtube, there are another bunch of other cool ads for the movie, chk out those too.. Drop in words if u have to say any…

After a long time a post, happy got time to blog, hope to get the same in the coming days too… Signing off.. Adios Amigo…


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Vinnaithandi Vaaruvaya – Love at its Best

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Hi guys,

There has been a wide gossip on the date of release from the time movie is ready to screen… First its Feb 14, then Feb 19 and finally its Feb 26… and here it is… VTV is out to melt the heart of lovers..

Svinnaithaandi-varuvaaya-40 latest-vinnai-0009

Gautam is back to romance after his first venture Minnale, over the years, he is been proving y he is one of the best in the industry… Yet again he strikes the chord perfectly…

Movie Review:

Karthik (is kollywood really in lack of the male lead names…?) is a mech engg, who wants to be a director, but falls in love in very first sight on jesse, a malayali christian, who is working in IT firm (wat else to expect…?)…

Jesse stay in the top portion with her strict dad, mother and his brother and simbu in the ground floor, which is more than enuf to woo a gal… Regular melodramatic ways for wooing the gal works out for Simbu and Trisha falls for him with a liplock…

Now u need a villan, yes here they are, Religion and Parents…  Hmmm, i dont want to reveal the thing and spoil ur movie… What happens in the end is the climax, with a expected twist…

Film is awesome in the picturisation and photography, just u gotta be loving it in each and every frame… cant walk out without applauding the effort of Manoj Paramahamsa…

Gautam yet another beautiful movie to add up his list….

Lead pair Simbu and Trisha,… Wow, can they act this way, this what u ll hear from other’s whisper, when u leave the seat… With out any finger tricks i liked simbu after Thotti Jaya… Totally a different Simbu and always beautiful Trisha is more beautiful in on screen (spl applause for Nalini for costume design), u ll lose ur heart, be careful…

And Last but not the least, Its ARR who holds the backbone of the film, O Man O Man…

Songs are awesome to watch and cant miss anything… He is the legend and he is… What a BG score, u ll feel the love in it… It just sweeps u off the feet…

All said, u ll feel film can be trimmed a bit to make it more interesting, and u ll have feel of Tug of war going between Love and No love… Which keeps u bored for some time in the middle… No more, if so It ll be a spoiler…

Verdict: Excellent movie with beautiful cinema Aestatics, but, Yep u may be bored, if ur not in Love r with the Lover… LOL… 🙂 so choose ur partner b4 going to the movie… 🙂

PS: I felt its like autobiography of Gautam Vasudev Menon… What u guys feel…? Just put in ur words…

Happy Lovable Weekend…


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Vinnai Thandi Vaaruvaya – Music Rocks…

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Hi guys,

Year 2010 is so lucky, that it starts with the tunes of Oscar man Rahman playing his magic for Gautam Menon’s New Film Vinnai Thandi Vaaruvaya. Film Stars Simbu as Karthik and Trisha as Jessi. Should be a romantic movie look out in 2010. Release has bee scheduled in feb, but dates aren’t confirmed, May we gossip as Feb 14. Since it matches the theme of movie to perfection.


Coming to Music review… OH My god, U wanna ask a Ar Rahman Fanatic, How is the music, Obvious, I would say it rocked the core and even the rest wud agree the same with me without any doubt.

Especially the songs Hosanna and Manipaaya i could never get out of my mind. Man u wanna ask abt Lyrics, its mind blowing and heart melting without any doubt. Thamarai has done a gr8 job in penning them.

Thamarai + Gautam Menon = Superp Hit

Thamarai + Gautam Menon + AR Rahman = Want me to mention it….?

Music rocked the fans to core without any doubt, Rahman has done his job to perfection, now, its time to wait for Gautam to deliver his goods, hope he too has created a masterpiece.

Waiting for Feb 14 Eagerly… (Just for the movie not for any other reason 🙂 😀 )


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Slumdog Millionaire – A Worthable Watch…

January 12, 2009 at 2:43 am (Movies) (, , )

Hi friends,

Today got a chance to see the film Slumdog Millionaire, Wow, What a movie man, Three cheers to Danny Boyle the director of India (i should say), he must be so good in observation, man, he got every inch into India and gather informations i guess…  A perfectly made picture with care…  

Just an example to quote for  deep observation by Danny, (u need to watch film very close to see the scene, bcos it comes just as a background) When a guest ask for Packaged Mineral Water in an hotel, guess how we do it…? check out the film…. There are hell lot hidden… Nevertheless to Mention AR Rahman music in the film, As i always use to say he is a legend and legend stands tall….

And i got to make a special note for final 15 mins (climax), if u watch the movie, then u would never forget those mins, man, i was in the edge of the seats…What a excellent finish for a superp movie.

film goes this way….


The story of Jamal Malik (Dev Patel) , an 18 year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, who is about to experience the biggest day of his life. With the whole nation watching, he is just one question away from winning a staggering 20 million rupees on India’s “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” But when the show breaks for the night, police arrest him on suspicion of cheating; how could a street kid know so much? Desperate to prove his innocence, Jamal tells the story of his life in the slum where he and his brother grew up, of their adventures together on the road, of vicious encounters with local gangs, and of Latika, the girl he loved and lost. Each chapter of his story reveals the key to the answer to one of the game show’s questions. Each chapter of Jamal’s increasingly layered story reveals where he learned the answers to the show’s seemingly impossible quizzes.When the new day dawns and Jamal returns to answer the final question, the Inspector and ninty million viewers are about to find out. At the heart of its storytelling lies the question of how anyone comes to know the things they know about life and love.

May Be Its All Written….

Everything was fine, 

But one question remains a mystery till now: what is this young man with no apparent desire for riches really doing on the game show to win milllions? If u gotta a answer then let me know…


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Bucket List – Worth a watch

November 30, 2008 at 7:00 pm (Movies) (, , , )

Hi friends, i always had a thought of writing reviews about the movies… bucket_list

Here to start off with a beautiful masterpiece by Rob Reiner’s movie The Bucket List”

Oh man, what a movie, simple and really touching…. two old men (Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman)who is in cancer and in the verge of death makes out what the life is…just before they kick their buckets….

Two veteran actors have just lived the characters, beautiful portray of characters around them, Nicholson’s secretary (Thomas), Morgan wife (Todd)… Simple and very beautiful picturisation of the feelings, i cud say none cud have acted better than these two in these characters.

Let me not say more…. just watch the movie and enjoy….. its worth watching….all i wud say is

 “Write a bucket List! Don’t waste your time! Say what you need to say!”

It has a beautiful song by John mayer in the end credits, listen to it too… what a lyrics….

here is the video clipping with the song in background…


John Mayer’s Say what you need to say Lyrics:

Take out of your wasted honor
Every little best frustration
Take out all your so called problems
Better put them in quotations

Say what you need to say
Say what you need to say
Say what you need to say
Say what you need to say
Say what you need to say
Say what you need to say
Say what you need to say
Say what you need to say

Walkin like a one man army
Fightin with the shadows in your head
Living out the same old moment
Knowing you’d be better off instead
If you could only

Say what you need to say
Say what you need to say
Say what you need to say
Say what you need to say
Say what you need to say
Say what you need to say
Say what you need to say
Say what you need to say

Have no fear for giving in
Have no fear for getting older
You better know that in the end its better to say to much
Than to never to say what you need to say again

Even if your hands are shaking
And your faith is broken
Even as the eyes are closing
Do it with a heart wide open
Say what you need to say ……………

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