Man madan Ambu – 4 y u shudn’t and 5 y u shud Miss this…

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Hi Guys,

After a hectic day’s work, eventhough i was tired, just wanted to relax and i thought Manmadan Ambu will be a let off (just bcos of KS Ravikumar and Kamal Duo)… (Actually Regretted later :() So along with my office colleague joined the movie screen by 9.45pm amidst of houseful crowd…


Coming to review…

Movie starts with Guest Appearance Suriya opening with Trisha for a song, Looks cool, u just get a feeling something really good is waiting to wind up, Ambusakshi (Trisha) is an actress who is love with Madan (Madavan), Both couple get into quarrel when Madan suspects Ambu for having an affair with co actor Suriya, Quarrel ends up in an Accident in kodaikanal road. Dejected Ambu fly to paris for an holiday with her old friend Deepa (Sangeetha) and her two children.  Possessive Madan hires Mannar (Kamalhassan), a private detective to trail Ambu and give him live updates abt her affairs.  Mannar finds ambu so innocent and reports she is really on her holiday and doesn’t have any kind affair to Madan, which makes madan more comfortable and he refuses to pays the promised sum to Mannar, backtracking from his commitment to help out his cancer friend. Which leaves Mannar with no option to cheat Madan and save his friend, so he frames himself as Ambu’s lovers and continue the tale with Madan, Story woes around these Characters and few others finally Madan makes to Paris and so weird that he ends up finally with Deepa and Mannar ends with Ambu, Just bcos Ambu made the accident in kodaikanal, which killed the Mannar’s Ex french wife, and finally Couples live Happily ever After…


4 Reasons Y u shudn’t Miss this Movie:

1. U are a Ardent Kamal Fan, so just wanna see him in screens.

2. U enjoy seeing beautiful slow Melody with an awesome visual, then u have Neela Vanam killing ur heart, with Kamal piercing with his magnetic voice.

3. U like to see good cinematography in far away land and esp in a cruise ship.

4. U have 100 Bucks and 3 Hours time to spent without any reason.


5 Reasons Y u can Miss this Movie:

1. Even though movie was copied in bits and parts from There is something abt Mary, atleast it shud have been done better.

2. Poor BG and Sound recording, most of the time u miss out one liners, which u really wanna listen.

3. Worst ever casting u cud see, Except for Kamal, Trisha, Madavan and Sangeetha, No one stands out in cast, Urvashi just comes in screen to show the usage of Glycerine in movies.

4. Movie almost looked like a sequel of Mumbai Express,Again Kamal left his audience dumbstruck Just with one question “WTF happening”

5. First half will look bit dragging, Second half will prove ur wrong, bcos, it ll not drag, it ll put u down much deeper…

Overall a Disappointing effort from the Kamal & Ravikumar Duo, Expected a lot from them just bcos of Panchathantiram, Tenali ways.


Movie Verdict:

Man madan Ambu is a flick which will try to evoke laughter which will be lost on the process of yawning, May be some bits and parts entertain u in some ways… Find DVD-Rip then dont miss the Neela Vanam Song alone…

Hope u guys will have something more to share, looking fwd to it..



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