Nandhalala–A Breezy Journey…

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Hi Guys,

After Boss (en) Baskaran, i wasn’t reviewing much (to say i didn’t find anything worth reviewing except Mynaa). After Mynaa, i am happy to get another back to back good movie… Bcos nowadays getting two good movies on a trot is just like waiting for a train in Bus Stand…



Well, to start off, we would have watched many road trip movies in English mostly fun oriented ones esp Road trip series and exceptional thriller Duel from Steven Spielberg… This Nandhalala is just like reading a short story, which makes u gel into each and every character that comes on the screen and takes u along their breezy journey…

Baskar Mani (Myskin) is a mentally retarded person, who is in asylum for his treatment, who is also very much angry on his mother for leaving him in asylum and not coming back to meet him. Aggi (Ashwanth Ram) who is school going kid, stays with his grand mother and hasn’t met his mother since his birth and longing for mom’s touch. These two different characters get tied down by a common word “Mother”…

Journey towards MOM starts as Baskar escapes from Asylum and Aggi lies as he is leaving to Kanyakumari on a school trip. Being a small boy, Aggi was robbed of his money in the very beginning and left stranded with a pick pocketer just when Baskar rescues and patch up with him. After few cat and mouse game between two, they start their journey towards respective mother’s place.

Amidst the journey they come across many characters(Living & Non-Living), first is a school girl, who falls down from a cycle, then a handicapped who helps them to cross the battle ground,  followed by two mother Mary’s lights (Non – Living), which takes them to safety, then an honeymoon couple who are scared by baskar mani when he encounters a gang of youngsters in a yellow car. then a tender coconut seller (beautiful portrayal of this sequence), then a Lorry driver who is angry for stealing his horn, followed with a old man with lust in mind with 2 kidnappers trying to take Snigdha, Two Military people to rescue them and few others just like 12 seconds for Nasar and faceless Rohini does the job in perfect to make this an epic.

As i go thru u must be excited enuf to see how these characters rounds up this 2 hours tale, and gives you a riveting climax, did both met their mother’s and what happens is what Nandhalala is all about.. Yep without doubt watch this movie, esp for 4 reasons.

1. Myskin for his Heartful performance and direction to revive the tamil cinema to a new genre and to gr8 heights for the future, without doubt i would say this is best so far.

2. Ashwanth Ram & Snegitha for superp performance, how many times we have seen a kid doing half the job of the film with ease, and a glam doll taking up a acting serious. Hats off for both in that cause.

3. Illayaraja, Maestro is at his best, O my goodness, BGM just mends your heart and soul and breathes the movie. After a very long time BGM has taken a role in movie just like an another character. Movie in which dialogues are at minimal, u needed Music to speak up and this movie does that.

4. Rest of the crew and cast, every single soul in the film has rendered their best to make this the best and finally Ayangaran for producing this one.

Few hitch cups can be too much of lower angles shots (may feel like bored by overdose), genre of this movie can be slow for few, and Myskin leaves u confused whether Baskar Mani is cured or still under some mental depression without an answer, apart from these i cant find much…

Movie Verdict:
A New genre of Movie to Tamil Industry which leaves a trail in the heart of viewers without doubt, Come and enjoy the breezy Journey… I am sure u ll enjoy travelling with them…

Hope u guys ll have something to share too… Go on then, I am all hears…




  1. sundar said,

    I feel its a biased review

  2. Rams said,

    Y is that so…?

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